My conferences in France

Dare to dream big 

Become aware of your own mortality and dare to live! 

With my experiences in Intensive Care and in my sport adventures, I offer conferences for companies. 

I share my thoughts on how to transform an undefined dream into a pragmatic and tangible reality. 

I talk about self-development, overcoming one’s conditioning and using the full potential of one’s capacities, the importance of teamwork and risk management in complex situations. 

The different opinions

Daniel Baal, Managing Director of the Bank Crédit Mutuel

« A passionate and meaningful conference by Helene Drouin ».

Daniel Karyotis, Managing Director of the Bank Banque Populaire 

« Helene shares her passion and thirst for life with such empathy and enthusiasm, that she convinced my managers. A wonderful perspective about life to prove that the impossible is always attainable when one goes towards it. »

Etienne Klein, physicist and scientific writer

« Helene Drouin or the incarnation of the ascending mind ».

I give conference on demand, lasting from 20 minutes to one hour.